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Unlimited DATA

We offer multiple rates for high speed internet service. Email us to see if you can get our service and a quote.


$30 Plan 1:  512K upload / 3Mbits down  (video streaming for 1 computer)


$40 Plan 2:  512K upload / 4Mbits down (house streaming and surfing)


$50 Plan 3:  1M upload / 6Mbits down (house streaming and surfing)


$60 Plan 4: 2M upload and 8M down (business office plan)


We can customize this plan where the up and down are equal to 10M total,  for instance

if you run a photography shop and really need more upload , we can run you at 5M up and 5M down for $60 per month.

how ever it fits your needs best, and this is adjustable as you decide what fits

add 1M either direction for $10/month more* limit 15M total



Contact us to find out if you can be coverd. We are always expanding and looking for new areas.


MEET KNM Wireless

Who Are We

 KNM Wireless has partnered with Megabea Communication inc to expand wireless broadband  in Washington County Ohio. KNM Wireless is a DBA name for KNM Management LLP  of Marietta Ohio. Both Megabea and KNM wireless are  local owned businesses.  


Network Status

282/283 outage  10/29


We are always looking to expand. If you own a radio tower or live on a big hill,                                                                                contact us.

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